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Site History

12/NOV/2016 - nike command force, supra spectre and more added
20/FEB/2014 - loads of new galeries added
15/JUN/2013 - Major site update, new galeries and new layout
22/APR2013 - Added reebok bb4600, osiris D3, bronx and shox galleries
28/JUL/2008 - High top Convers basketball sneakers and AF cleats added (cons gallery)
10/MAR/2008 - Osiris Bronx Series Added - Osiris Shoes Gallery
20/NOV/2007 - 3 More Adult Galleries in the Members Section + DC Rebound and Adidas Decade
04/DEC/2006 - Osiris D3 and Reflex - New Secion Added
04/JUN/2006 - Visitor Gallery Updates
17/FEB/2005 - Globe Chet Thomas, AirForce1 Shox and Adidas ZX700 added
20/JAN/2005 - DC Williams, Chucks and Jordan V Added
05/JAN/2004 - Etnies added to skate shoe images gallery
20/FEB/2003 - new hosts and motocross gallery added
11/JUL/02 Added eS scheme skate shoes, split skater shoe image gallery into 2 parts
11/APR/02 Adidas Forum, Adidas Pro Model / Adidas 2 gallery , Jordan Jumpman
27/FEB/02 Nike three gallery added
13/OCT/01 added Etnies Czar in DC/Skate gallery
16/SEP/01 added wet gallery
15/APR/01 added adidas turf, fila cage and adidas ripple gallery 2
05/APR/01 added Reebok classic white/yellow, Nike air Jordan retro V, DCs and Nike force hi-top image gallery
12/FEB/01 white Avia, Duffs sk8. Reebok wet rat pro and some more visitor pics
28/DEC/00 Added more wet pics, action gallery replaced, and some pics of sk8erz in sneakshots - happy new millennium
28/NOV/00 Lots of stuff removed after sneaker manufactures started throwing their weight around
18/OCT/00, added pics in media and sneakshots
04/OCT/00 Added more wet pics in wet gallery
22/SEP/00 Added more pics in DC (me in syntax) and nike gallery (more uptempo)
01/SEP/00 Added loads of stuff... country, books, update shop/buy page, + more
10/AUG/00 Added Muscleball, general re-organisation of site
05/AUG/00 - added adidas galaxy
26/JUL/00 - added Filas and reebok classic galleries
29/JUN/00 - Added adidas high tops and Nike2 gallery
13/JUN/00 - Added white Fila and Nike Force high tops
22/MAY/00 - Added Jordan Galley and Hi-tops to fila gallery
02/MAY/00 - Added Nike and Fila Classics
18/APR/00 - Added Country, Added L'coste to Misc Gallery
05/APR/00 - Added for sale pages (two sneakers)
28/MAR/00 - Added Sneaker Buy Page
10/JUN/99 - Site opened...

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